GUNMAK founded in 1975 by SIDDIK KAYABAS; Guney Milling Machinery and Screw Conveyor Ind. Ltd. Co., has been focused on wheat, bulgur and lentil operating systems within its own conditions and opportunities. GUNMAK styling machines in the industry and manufacturing by-products industry supported machines, has owned the foregoing production technology in this industry in a while.

In the following years, with its own studies, it has gathered cold fusion spiral production with other sections of the production. Recently it has been in the bases of cold fusion spiral production which is used in a lot of sections of the industry.

Besides machine production, GUNMAK has been developing the tecnology and systematics of the section with completed projects and know-how projects in the wheat, bulgur and lentil industry. Renewing proper machine and designs for those systems with developing production process and flow diagrams in wheat, lentil and lentil section, GUNMAK has been on top of the wheatl bulgur and red lentil operating technology development and factory installations.

With the support of TUBITAK-TIDEBI it has been continuing its studies with KOSGEB and Gaziantep University.

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