Ultra Trieur is the rotary cylinder to alien things which cannot be separated with sieve and to seperate according to annularity and length Grain. When we do this work on this separation we tied with screw to the body thanks to the sphere. At the moment of the rotary this iron sheet where it gives according to press, diameter and from adjusting handle to the screw conveyors angle, inside the product where comes and seperate materials which affects the grinding. Usually, manufactured as a single or double. There is no dissimilarities with working. Inside the tub which performs outside it and it exists on adjusting mirror number from 1 to 9. This numbered mirror adjust, the regulate according to type of product with valve. The adjust mirror is same with inside the tub. For example in the number 5, stand of inside tub must be as a parallel to the ground. Movement from this point, change the number according to the type of the product which needs to clean and continue adjusts till to get the discrimination which prefer.

GM 75/200/2 BAC2.2 x 2 M M620~4.5
GM 75/250/21150239033002.2 x 2~3.3~10705~5
GM 75/300/21150239038002.2 x 2~4~121776~5.5
GM 64/200/2950196527651.5 x 2~1.6~4750~4
GM 75/200/21150239028002.2 x 2~2.5~81300~4
GM 75/250/21150239033002.2 x 2~3.3~101540~4.5
GM 75/300/21150239038002.2 x 2~4~121776~5
GM 64/200/2950196527651.5 x 2 ~1.6~4750~4
GM 75/2001150128028002.2~1.3~4650~4
GM 75/2501150128033002.2~1.6~5770~4.5
GM 75/3001150128038002.2~4~6890~5
GM 64/20095098027651.5~1.6~2375~4
all the relevant